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Technical programs

The program of teaching of the School Daitokai is very vast and understands all of this that the bushi of the clan Takeda-Aizu studied. The beginner begins with the study of the jujutsu together with the kenjutsu up to the rank of 2nd dan; subsequently will be introduced to the study of the other weapons as jutte, shuriken, kodachi, tessen. Techniques are primarily learned through kata: pre-arranged two-man exercises. Learning through a kata is the foundation of all traditional Japanese martial arts.

 ❖ Three study areas of the Aikibudo created by Takeda Tokimune:
- aikijujutsu: composed of jujutsu techniques + aikinojutsu techniques
- kenjutsu: practice of basic techniques + katas
- other weapons: jutte, kodachi, tessen, tanken.

aikijujutsu 合気柔術

The hand-to-hand combat, its technical program is concentrated on fighting techniques called aikijujutsu, which include kicks, punches, elbow strikes, throws to the ground, strangle holds, joint levers, and pressure on the human body´s vital points. Techniques are primarily learned through kata: pre-arranged two-man exercises. Kata allows for the safe practice of techniques. The many techniques of the aikijujutsu are transmitted and catalogued in scrolls (densho) which, in this case of the hiden mokuroku, is divided in a series (kajo), of an increasing difficulty of execution.

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kenjutsu 剣術

Takeda Tokimune wrote :

"Because of the fundamental principle that only with the practice of the jujutsu it is not possible to learn the true essence of the Daito-ryu, I called the art Daito-ryu Aikibudo, especially because I, who have trained with my father even in the body to body than in the sword, perfectly realize to have to transmit the Ono-ha Itto-ryu kenjutsu which was transmitted at Aizu together the aikijujutsu, arts that are now only here with us (at Abashiri)."

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Ono-ha Itto-ryu 小野派一刀流

Ono-ha Itto-ryu is a traditional kenjutsu school (a sub-style of the Itto School) created around 1580 by Ono Tadaaki (1565-1628). Ono was a disciple of Ito Ittosai, who in turn founded the Itto-ryu. Ono-ha Itto-ryu was the Shogun’s kenjutsu school until the Meiji restoration (1868). The senior captains and commanders of the Tokugawa Shogun guards came from the Aizu clan that were taught this Kenjutsu stile.Takeda Sokaku (1860-1943) learned this sword style not from his family, but from Toma Shibuya in Aizu at the Yokikan dojo.

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The art of Aikijujutsu

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The Aikijujutsu includes techniques of close combat, such as:
- atemi-waza (striking and kicking techniques)
- shime-waza (chokes, strangulation techniques)
- .....

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