Daito-ryu Aikibudo, Certa Shihan's School
大東流 - 合気柔術 - 合気武道 - 小野派一刀流




During the seminars are shown many techniques of the various mokuroku and also many variants. Applications of basic techniques (oyo waza) and variations of basic techniques (henka waza) are also demonstrated. Normally in the morning Aikijujutsu techniques are practiced and in the afternoons the kata of kenjutsu of Ono-ha Itto-ryu.

We have organized seminars and instructor courses in:
Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, England, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Republic of Macedonia,Russian Federation and USA.

  If you would like to host a seminar with Certa shihan then the process is really straightforward contact us to discuss a proposed date, venue and topics. Certa shihan charges a single flat fee for his time, which means that as the host, you can maintain full control, plus any profits gained will be yours. If you are a practitioner or manage a dojo and want to come learn Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu/Aikibudo in Italy or invite Certa Shihan at your dojo, please contact our e-mail, we will do our best to answer your questions and help you.



What is an Intensive Course?
Our Group is present only in certain Countries. In the places where it is not yet active a dojo it is possible to open a “ study group” by attending to an “Intensive Course”. The Group organizes specific intensive courses for those foreigners who’d like to learn the original aikijujutsu techniques (and also have very serious intentions of opening a branch dojo-study group once gone back in their own Country). The Course is structured in 8 hours of training for five consecutive days. During the typical day, in the morning are practiced the aikijujutsu techniques with a great focus on detail, while during the afternoon kenjutsu will be studied and practiced. The purpose of the Course is to teach to the attendant a limited number of techniques, but as surely and deeply learnt as possible. Once back in his own Country, the participant will surely be able to train and teach the techniques studied during the Course so that to be able to direct a "Study group".


- What is a Training Course for Instructors?
The Group has created and developed specific training courses for instructors with a view to creating:
1. new instructors of aikijujutsu-aikibudo,
2. updating and continuing training of the instructors already recognized.
Courses are structured in 12 hours of training for 3 consecutive days (Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday morning). You must attend all the 12 hours to get the signature on Budopass in order to get the official attendance at the course.

- Who are the courses?
For all members of our association it is possible to participate in these courses in order to gain a significant experience of a professional training only for holders of a minimum rank of 1st kyu (brown belt).
- Exterminates of any martial art practitioners with a minimum rank of 1st kyu eager to learn the techniques and then open a dojo in his city; affiliated to our Group [required for participation from the second course].

- What will you do? released?
1. attestation of participation in the course [all participants]
2. attestation of aspirant instructor / instructor and dojo manager (dojocho) [for only members of the Group]
3. reconfirms the qualification of instructor and dojocho of the previous year [for only members of the Group]

- How to participate?
Send an email to the Certa shihan.

Events calendar

This page shows the complete calendar of all the events organized by Daitokai.

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